API Version: 6.5

Javascript Classes

Class Description
IPCortex.Types.Address An Address instance represents one of a PABX user, an address book name/number or an external XMPP user. It tracks "call-ability" and “chat-ability” of each addressbook entity.
IPCortex.Types.Contact A subset of the addressbook entries, a Contact instance is a PABX user. It is useful to distinguish Address and Contact in that a Contact can be involved in the PABX dialplan - This is not always true of an Address.
IPCortex.Types.Extension An Extension instance represents a callable extension number.
IPCortex.Types.Phone Details about a single handset.
IPCortex.Types.Device A Device instance represents a phone line/identity.
IPCortex.Types.Call A Call instance represents a call on a device or in a Queue.
IPCortex.Types.History A History instance represents a call that has ended.
IPCortex.Types.Mailbox A Mailbox instance represents an extensions mailbox, and stores a count of read and unread messages. Each Device can have a default mailbox associated with it based on the extension(s) that call it.
IPCortex.Types.Queue A Queue instance represents a queue, which is a combination of the extension, agents and calls waiting in or delivered through the queue. Agents are represented by their Device and NOT by their address-book entry.
IPCortex.Types.Room A Room instance represents a chatroom, its members and the messages in it. It is also used to access AV, Command channel and File sharing features.
IPCortex.Types.Av The AV Class, used by chat add-on features
IPCortex.Types.File The File Class, used by chat add-on features
IPCortex.Types.Cmd The Cmd Class, used by the keevio side-channel