API Version: Development


In order to use Node.js with the IPCortex API, it is necessary to wrap the API file from the IPCortex Communication System (CS) to correctly contain the API code in a Node context.
A Github project exists to enable this.
Because each version of the IPCortex CS may come with an updated version of the API library, it is necessary to embed the current copy of api.js into the node application, and to keep it up to date if the IPCortex CS is updated (see below for details).


To install, simply run:
npm install ipcortex/node-api
However to use this module you will need to download api.js from the IPCortex CS you are trying to connect to. A script is included (updateAPI.js) to handle this for you - just provide the HTTP host for it download it from. Otherwise, download the file from http://pabx.hostname/api/api.js and place it in lib/api.js - where pabx.hostname is the relevant IPCortex CS's hostname.
After that, you should be ready to include it in your project.
More information is found in the README.